The KRACK Vulnerability: Everything You Need to Know

Early this week we learned about a new hack and security weakness that affects all devices that connect via wi-fi. This weakness, known as the KRACK vulnerability was found by a Belgian university researcher.

What is KRACK?

KRACK stand for Key Reinstallation Attack and refers to how a hacker could use existing protocols to get into a wi-fi connected device.

The hack works by using the standard protocol for securely connecting to wi-fi called WPA2. Experts have used the WPA2 for over 10 years and it is the standard across the world.

This week, researchers found a way to trick the WPA2 system into issuing new security keys to a hacker’s device. This would allow the hacker to view and access all data being passed on a wi-fi network. This could include anything like websites visited, passwords, bank account info and beyond.

Am I Affected?

Yes. We know it’s probably not what you want to hear, but nearly every device that connects to wi-fi will be vulnerable to this attack.

However, there are many companies that already anticipated this weakness and have provided patches and fixes. Ubiquiti, a provider of wireless devices sent out a patch immediately that prevents the attack. Other providers are sending out updates during the coming weeks.

What Can I Do?

Keep your devices updated with the latest patches, fixes and OS updates. This will ensure that you have the fixes in place that can prevent the attacks.

Avoid using public wi-fi or unfamiliar networks. Never exchange personal information while on a public network such as banking, insurance and other online activities that involve your personal data.

Whenever you browse the internet, you should stick to websites that have a security certificate. Look for the https at the beginning of the URL. While this is not a catch-all, it’s a good practice that will ensure the information you view and exchange on the site will be secured.

Technology is always changing and new discoveries are being made every day. It’s important to have good IT practices and cybersecurity measures in place for your home and business. Having a trusted expert on call to address these concerns is invaluable.

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