Introducing Between the Bytes: Tech & Biz News Vlog

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of a brand new video series from Executech.

Between the Bytes will be a weekly video series that delivers the latest news in the tech and business world, product reviews and exclusive interviews and tips. Check out our first episode below and don’t forget to subscribe!

Full transcript below:

Welcome to Between the Bytes, where we’re not as smart as your average nerd

I’m Gary Arnold one of your hosts today. I’m Utah one guy and a closet nerd enthusiast. And I’m Arash Bakhshandehpour, today we’re going talk about some of the latest news in the tech and business world. We’ll talk a little about Amazon, Netflix, a new smartphone that’s on the market right now and some local news here in Utah.

To break into things, Amazon recently acquired Whole Foods for $13.7 billion. That is a lot of dollars! You know what you can buy with thirteen billion dollars? The Dallas Cowboys. Or you can buy SpaceX, your own is NASA. What would you buy with thirteen point seven billion dollars? I looked it up you can actually buy the island of the Bahamas. You can just retire there and call it good. I guess Jeff Bezos was just bored and thought hey you know what I don’t own yet? A grocery store! Might as well add it to the list! It will definitely be interesting to see Amazon’s next steps in getting into the retail space.

Some other interesting news is we have is about a new smartphone on the market right now. The company Oneplus has come out with their Oneplus 5. This phone is a pretty cool. One of the great things about it was the price point at around $479 for their 64GB model. It’s got a really fast processor from what we’ve been looking at. One of the downsides may be the camera which is not quite up to par of the Pixel, Samsung or iPhone. Overall, it’s a pretty good value phone that runs on the latest version of Android. Not a bad buy if you’re looking for an alternative in the smartphone market.

The next thing I want to talk about is something Netflix has in the works. They’re doing some really fun stuff. Gary when you were a kid, do you remember the goosebumps books that would let you choose the storyline and you’d go from one page back to another? Netflix is doing the same thing with a new TV show. This is groundbreaking stuff that’s fun that’s really interactive. They say that 50% of their adult viewers are also watching kids shows. My kids would love it. I would love it.

The last piece of news that we have here is a local story. One of the great companies we’ve had the chance to work with is Jive Communications. They are a telephone and VoIP provider for businesses. They offer great services and products and they just recently announced they’re breaking ground on a brand new building. The company has grown a ton over the past few years there are over 700 employees and they’ve had over $100 million in revenue. Their new building is just off the I15 exit next to BMW dealership in Pleasant Grove. It’s going to be 52,000 square foot, 4-story building. Huge building, and it’s very exciting thing for them.

The gadget we want to get into this week on Between the Bytes is the Amazon Echo. It can do a lot of cool things from updating and engaging your thermostat while you’re away, to making sure you’re efficient and even controlling your home’s lights. But the interactive stuff is where it’s fun. Alexa, tell me what’s in the news today. “Here’s your flash briefing from Reuters TV. Today, he built a 68 billion dollar company and now he’s out.” Another cool thing you can do with the Amazon echo is once it’s set up with your Prime account you can even get things delivered to you. Lastly, for some comedic relief, Alexa, tell me a joke. “You know what a Freudian slip is? It’s when you say one thing but mean a mother.”

Welcome back to Between the Bytes, today we have a featured guest. We will have regular guests on our show from IT professional to business leaders. Today we have our friend Edwin Mendoza, who is our Vice President of quality assurance. We wanted to talk about what he does and a little more about tech trends and business ideas.

Between the Bytes

Tell me about what you do.


A couple things that I do is one, Quality Assurance. I go around and meet with our clients and make sure our Techs meet the quality standards. I’m also a technician as well so I help with clients which is fun. I also have meetings that I have to do with our tech ops team at management.

Between the Bytes

Tell us a little bit about a recent project you have been involved with.


I think the majority of projects that I’ve been involved with are email migration. For example moving clients from an Exchange environment to Office 365. It’s interesting because most of the migrations have gone a lot smoother over the years than they used to be. Part of that is finding the right tools that are going to make it more efficient and I think those are what makes the difference. Moving a website that we migrated from one server to another can be problematic. Typically see a lot of different issues but now they have the right tools and we’ve been able to really become more efficient and I actually joined giving people migrations more than I used to.

Between the Bytes

That’s awesome. So tools have made all the difference? What’s a recommendation you have for businesses or business owners in regards to their IT tools?


I think I’m a big fan of productivity. I think we find the right tools that can make you more productive more efficient you actually get your value on the technology that you’re using versus having to worry about the challenges. You can reduces delays be bring in more revenue. I’m a big fan of buying the right product and the right tools that allows you to be more systematic. I think office 365 offers you a gamut of different tools and different features. I would say that can allow you to be more efficient. We’re integrating with this in the business world. Everybody who is on the Microsoft platform can communicate and interact with other companies and to be more efficient in business.

Between the Bytes

Thanks for coming in today, we really appreciate it. We are going to have regular guests will probably have you back to talk about something else. We’ll see another guest next week on Between the Bytes.

We’re back here in the studio to close it out and wrap it up for you. Before we go we wanted to leave you with a quick tech tip.

There’s a lot of reasons your computer will slow down. A lot of people will call us or we’ll hear about computers running really slow. There is something that you can do yourself if you notice a little bit of lag especially while you’re browsing the Internet.  

Go and clear your cache to delete all your cookies and your search history. All those files get saved overtime. All those files add up and they can slow down the computer. Navigate to your settings in your browser and delete your cached cookies and your browsing history you’ll notice an improvement.

Lastly, I want to introduce the third cast member that we’re going to be including every week here with Between the Bytes. It’s groundbreaking it’s exciting, go ahead and get us out of here Alexa.

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