How to Deep Clean Your Tech This Spring

Wintery weather mixes are becoming a thing of the past, and that can only mean one thing for Utah; spring is here! Spring marks a season of beginnings and rejuvenation for nature as well as your business. We are all familiar with the phrase “spring cleaning” but have you thought to apply this to your business tech? Your company’s tech requires frequent attention to keep it functioning at max capacity. Here is a list of four areas of your tech that should be pulled through spring cleaning every year:

Hard Drive Organization

Individual computer hard drives and shared company drives both suffer from frequent congestion and overflow. Information is foundational for every kind of business and every business can agree that the upkeep of their file storage is difficult. Every individual classifies and categorizes information differently, and the result is a shared drive that is a “Where’s Waldo” level expedition every time you need to retrieve something. For this reason, it’s crucial that companies stay on top of their file storage systems. It’s important to keep folders updated, current, and clean so that files can be easily accessed through a simple path.


A modern workplace is littered with technology, and technology comes with lots and lots of cables. Cable management is an art form that takes patience and methodical planning. As the year goes on and things are moved around, cables have a way of forming a rat’s nest of cord. Every workstation should be evaluated frequently to make sure cords aren’t tangled, damaged, or in a place where they can become damaged. Follow this link for more insight on effective cabling

Software and Licenses

Every computer and office are both enabled and disabled by its software. Every piece of software has its own schedule and payment options, and many of these software packages or licenses need to be renewed annually. Many will have auto-renew options but often those will need to be manually selected, like Microsoft’s. It’s important to stay on top of all these dates to ensure you won’t be without foundational software when a license expires. Another important thing to consider is if the credit card that the license is paid through has changed throughout the year and needs to be updated or changed. It’s also a good idea when those renewals come around to re-shop the market and make sure the current provider or plan that you’re on is still the best fit for your business today.


Tech goes out of style faster than your clothes. There are constant improvements in every major category you need for business: computer towers, monitors, laptops, printers, phone systems, routers, modems, etc. It’s a good idea to take time annually to evaluate the current hardware you have throughout your office and see where an upgrade may be necessary. There are many companies who will purchase your old equipment at decent prices that can supplement the cost of new equipment.

This spring cleaning season, make sure to make time for your business technology.

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