Father’s Day Gift Guide: Our Favorite Tech Gadgets

No dad is complete without his tech gadgets and gear. Whether it’s his custom home theater system, a tricked out car or the universal remote, dads and tech go hand in hand.

At Executech, technology is part of our jobs and because we deal with technology (and its problems) so regularly, we have a strict list of what kind of technology we use in our personal lives.

Today, we wanted to share some of our favorite tech gadgets and tools that would make great gifts for dad this Father’s Day. These items are as innovative as they are useful. Check out this list of cool technology and let us know on Facebook what your favorite gadgets are or, what your gift idea for dad is this year.

Amazon Echo

As the surprising leader of voice recognition technology, the Amazon Echo is a great device for any home (or office). The Echo functions as a capable and strong speaker to play your music or podcasts. The voice recognition assistant Alexa, is also a very useful counterpart to your kitchen, home or den. The Echo comes enabled with many “skills” that allow you to connect and control other devices in your home such as the thermostat or lights. She even knows a few dad puns! We love having the Echo around and recommend it to anyone.

Vinsic Wireless Charger

Vinsic makes a lot of great technology products but one of our favorite, lesser-known gadgets is the Qi Wireless Charging Pad. This device allows you to wirelessly charge many smartphones. Although it’s not compatible with every phone, it can seamlessly charge the latest Samsung, Nexus, Droid and LG phones. You can also get an adapter that will make it work with iPhones. There’s something magical about simply setting your phone down on your table or desk and have it instantly start charging. Check it out!

Raspberry Pi

No, we don’t mean the delicious pastry your mom used to make. The Raspberry Pi is essentially a tiny computer. This device was originally designed to promote the teaching of computer science but it’s now used by thousands of people for fun DIY computer projects. There’s no limit to what you can do with these tiny devices. For example, you can hook it to your TV and run a full desktop computer on your big screen. Many users will download retro games and run them on their Raspberry Pi. The Pi can also be used in home automation, robotics and much more. This is the perfect gift for the tinkering father in your life.


Nest (owned by Google) is a great example of a company that took an everyday product and found a way to innovate and improve on it. The Nest thermostat is something that many of us at Executech use at home and is even found on the walls of our office. The clean, intuitive design of the round thermostat makes it easy for anyone to use. The app is also very accessible and can manage all aspects of your HVAC system. This device will help you save energy and live more simply.

LG Tone

Staying connected with our clients is a big part of our daily jobs at Executech. Because we’re on the phone so often, we’ve narrowed down the best way to communicate while staying mobile. The LG Tone Wireless headset is found around the necks of many of our technicians. It syncs over Bluetooth to wirelessly take calls. This makes it easier for us to work and talk at the same time. If you’re frequently on the phone, or if you just want to enjoy some music while on the go, this is the headset for you.

3-in-1 Charging Cable

This is one of the most regularly used gadgets around the office. We lovingly call them the “squid 2.0”. This cable comes with Apple Lightning adapter, micro USB and USB-C cable. You can charge 3 devices at once! We’ve found this to come in handy in a variety of circumstances. The cable we use is also slightly longer than a typical cable and the cord has the look and feel of high-quality rope that makes it less likely to get damaged or tangled. It also comes Executech branded!

Ring Doorbell Camera

The last item on our Father’s gift ideas is the Ring Doorbell Camera. Home automation technology is all the craze right now, but paying for it can sometimes be painful. The Ring is a great, affordable product that can work by itself or together with other devices. With the Ring, you can see who (or what) is at your front door and speak to them over two-way microphones. Its camera is equipped with 1080p resolution, motion sensors and night vision. Whether you’re looking for security or convenience, the Ring is the perfect fit for your front door.

To all the dad’s out there we wish a very happy Father’s Day this weekend. Enjoy the BBQ, golf, time with family or whatever it is you like to do on your day “off”.

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