Local Executives Helping Raise a Community Center

Rose Park Community Center

Located in NW Salt Lake City rests an old abandoned church building. Built well over 100 years ago, the building is well beyond it’s prime. But, it’s in the process of getting a major facelift, tummy tuck, and every other plastic surgery reference you could think of. This storied church building is the future home of the Rose Park Community Center thanks to the visionaries at Earth Community Garden; a local non-profit whose mission is to lift our community. Their plan; take this once great building and repurpose it into a community center.

Engaged Corporate Executives

On May 16th of this year, Executech’s corporate leadership team and some of their spouses were able to help this project continue to progress. Twelve individuals associated with Executech were able to offer their time. They all worked for roughly six hours, for a total of 72 working hours collectively. During their time they helped clean out accumulated trash and debris and helped to remove old drywall making room for newer materials. By the end, they filled up a massive dumpster full of garbage. Following the project, Executech’s COO DJ Dorff said “We caught the vision of this great community center. We are all motivated to do whatever we can to help move this great project along. The work of David Wright and all of Earth Community Garden is amazing.”

Historic Building Reborn

The soon to be completed center is named the Rose Park Community Center. The project began earlier this year and will hopefully be completed within the next 12-18 months. The church building was the 27th LDS meeting house built and one of the first in the west. It housed the 29th LDS ward that was ever created and was in use up until roughly 15 years ago. Since the retirement of the building, it has been a struggle to find what to do with it. Consequently, it has slowly deteriorated and has been a makeshift transient home for many.

This community center will provide a strong positive presence to the community. The center will have a stage for plays, concerts, musicals, and many other events. It will also have a full kitchen that will be used for an assortment of events and activities. The center will also be available to rent for business events and other gatherings. However, one of the highlights of the center is going to take place outside. Half of the massive parking lot is being replaced with 64 raised community garden beds. These garden plots will be available for public access for members of the community to grow and harvest their own food.

How can you help?

Earth Community Garden’s is a non-profit organization improving our community. They are always looking for individuals, groups, teams, organizations, and families who are able to volunteer or donate to this project or any of their many other projects. Learn more about the Rose Park Community Center, Earth Community Garden, and learn how to volunteer or donate, by visiting their website http://earth.communitygarden.farm.

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