Executech Has Won 5 Company Culture Awards, This is Why

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” – Peter Drucker

At Executech, we truly believe in this quote. We’ve seen firsthand how a positive and empowering company culture can produce amazing results.

However, this quote doesn’t mean that strategy isn’t important. We’ve found that having a great team in place that feels empowered to accomplish things can have a greater impact on company growth than fancy strategies.

Culture & Growth

Executech has seen incredible growth over the past few years. When Executech was formed in 1999 it only had one employee. Five years ago we only had 12 employees, now we have over 100.

Maintaining our culture over that time and growth hasn’t been easy. We’ve had to adapt to the needs of our growing team. An important piece of what makes our culture unique is regular team meetings. Our individual teams have daily phone calls with each other to coordinate and train together. We also hold weekly training meetings that bring the entire tech force of the company together to learn and collaborate.

Keep It Real

The leadership team at Executech has also made an effort to be open, friendly and approachable. We embrace mistakes and failures because we recognize that we are all learning together.

We also have regular company activities such as BBQs, parties and outings. All of these things are just a small pieces of what makes up a company culture.


Our efforts to maintain a culture and support our employees has paid off. Over the years we’ve earned several culture recognition awards including; Utah Business Magazine’s “Best Companies to Work For”, Salt Lake Tribune’s “Best Places to Work”, and Inc. Magazine’s “Best Workplaces”.

Every Executech employee is proud of the company they work for. We all look for ways to improve ourselves and the business.

Other Culture Examples

If you’re looking for another example of a company with great company culture, we recommend Diversified Insurance. We recently interviewed Jeana from Diversified on Between the Bytes. She shared with us some of the ways that have built a company culture that has led them to also be a “Best Companies to Work For” award winner.

Diversified Insurance believes in letting their employees work in a collaborative and independent ways. They foster a culture of openness and proactivity. To learn more about Diversified Insurance’s approach, visit our YouTube channel.

Are there any company cultures you admire? Is there something you wish companies would do more or less of? Let us know if the Facebook comments.

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