Cybersecurity Awareness: Getting Your Organization on Board


Business security should be a significant priority for any company. We all heavily rely on technology and data, and there are so many threats that can impact businesses. But cybersecurity is a job for every employee. Even the smallest action such as clicking on a malicious link in an email can cost your company everything. That’s why every organization needs to be creating a culture of cybersecurity awareness. Here are five important tips to help you begin the process of promoting cybersecurity awareness and getting everyone on board. You can also read our full blog with even more helpful information here.

Five Tips for Creating a Cybersecurity-Focused Culture

Tip number one is to get the leaders at your organization on board. Leaders can create powerful change. When they understand how cybersecurity can affect your business, they will be more likely to cultivate a security-focused approach.

For our second tip, we recommend training your new employees on cybersecurity practices right away. Have part of your onboarding process cover cybersecurity best practices and company guidelines. This way, every employee will be on the same page when it comes to security rules and what to look out for on day one.

Tip number three is to keep up on your cybersecurity trainings. Not only will this remind everyone at your company how important security it, but it will update them on the newest types of threats and prevention methods. Criminals are coming up with new cyber attacks all the time, so understanding the latest trends will help protect your business. We recommend business hold a security training every quarter or every month.

Our fourth tip is to evaluate your business and test your cybersecurity solutions. This can include penetration tests, vulnerability scans, and even simulated phishing attempts. You’ll want to ensure all software and systems are up-to-date and that there aren’t any holes in your network. And this isn’t just a once-and-done process, you need to have continual evaluations. Things are changing all the time, and you never know what vulnerabilities these changes might cause.

Last but not least, maintain positive communication around cybersecurity. It can be an intimidating subject for many employees, but you don’t want to let it instill fear in your organization. Keep communication open and try to motivate your employees when it comes to security practices.

And there you have it, our five tips for implementing a cybersecurity culture throughout your organization.

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