10 Cloud Migration Challenges You Need to Know About Before Attempting the Switch

Cloud migration is one of the most important decisions a business can make. The cloud can provide many benefits, such as scalability, agility and cost savings. However, there are also many cloud migration challenges that can throw a wrench in your cloud migration plans. Which, as you know, would be a very costly turn of events. In fact, around 70% of cloud migrations fail on their first attempt .

So, to help you get it right the first time, this blog post will discuss the 10 biggest cloud migration challenges businesses face and how to overcome them.

But first…

The First Cloud Migration Challenge: Learn Exactly What a Cloud Migration is!

Cloud migration is transforming the way companies do business.

It gives organizations greater agility and scalability as they move their digital assets and applications off of physical and into virtual servers, allowing them to access data securely anytime, anywhere.

Cloud migration also provides businesses with greater cost savings opportunities over traditional on-premise investments. By either partially or fully moving to the cloud, companies can better benefit from cloud providers who specialize in offering more features, increased security, hosted data centers , breadth of cloud services , public cloud or private cloud hosting and other advantages tailored for specific business objectives , functions or industries.


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Companies considering a cloud migration should take the time to review provider offerings in order to make an informed decision that best meets their budget and goals.

The Top 10 Cloud Migration Challenges and How to Avoid Them

Whether your cloud adoption strategy is lift and shift , or something a bit more involved, these 10 common cloud migration challenges are important to keep top of mind as you attempt to migrate your company data and applications to various cloud platforms .

1. Unexpected Costs

You should be aware of all potential costs associated with a cloud migration and moving data to a cloud-based system, including hardware, software, services and personnel within the organization necessary to complete the transition.

Additionally, you must factor in any downtime or delays that may occur during the process.

2. Data Security & Compliance

You must have a clear plan for data security and compliance when migrating to the cloud, as well as an understanding of your provider’s policies regarding data privacy and protection protocols.

3. Compatibility Issues

You need to ensure that applications are compatible before transferring them over to the cloud environment. This requires researching existing third-party solutions, such as middleware or custom development services, in order to make sure your legacy systems can integrate with the cloud infrastructure.

4. Complexity of Migration Process

The complexity of a cloud migration depends on the size, scale and type of business transitioning to the cloud. Companies that are not familiar with cloud architecture or lack experienced personnel may find the task daunting, so it is important to seek out help from a skilled team of professionals if needed.

5. Unforeseen Data Loss

One of the biggest risks associated with migrating to the cloud is unforeseen data loss due to human error or technical glitches. To prevent this from happening, you should always have a backup plan in place and test your systems before making any major changes.

6. Moving Applications & Automation Services

You must consider how your current applications and automation services will interact with the new cloud environment. This may require additional testing and configuration in order to ensure that all applications run properly in the cloud setting.

7. Updating Applications, Software & Systems

Migration to the cloud also requires updating existing applications, software and systems so you can take advantage of any new features or functions available in the cloud environment.


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8. Cloud Provider Limitations

You must research your provider’s limitations before making a decision on which platform to use, as some providers may restrict certain types of cloud data or access levels within their system.

9. Insufficient Understanding of Security Protocols

Moving to the cloud means following different security protocols than those used for traditional servers and networks, so you must be familiar with your provider’s security policies before making any major changes.

10. Poorly Defined Migration Strategies

You must have a clear cloud migration strategy in place when migrating to the cloud, as well as an understanding of the workflow and features associated with each step of the process. Without this level of detail, you risk making critical errors that can lead to data loss or other downturns in performance.

By taking the time to understand and address these potential challenges upfront, you can ensure a successful migration to the cloud with minimal disruption or downtime for your business operations. With proper planning and consideration for all aspects involved, you can enjoy the many benefits cloud solutions offer – from cost savings to increased flexibility – while avoiding any potential pitfalls.

Cloud Migration Challenges

Mitigating Cloud Migration Challenges with Executech’s Managed IT Services

Executech’s managed IT services team is available to help you migrate successfully to the cloud, while addressing any challenges associated with the process.

Our experienced technicians have extensive knowledge in all areas of cloud computing and possess the technical expertise necessary to ensure a smooth transition. From helping businesses create a workable plan for their migration strategies to testing applications for compatibility and troubleshooting issues along the way, our team provides top-notch support every step of the way. We also keep abreast of industry best practices so that we can recommend the most secure and reliable solutions for our clients.

With Executech’s managed IT services, companies can rest assured knowing their cloud migration will be handled properly without any costly or time consuming errors.

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