Between the Bytes: Episode 3

Bakhshandehpour: Welcome to Between the Bytes. Where we’re not as smart as your average nerd.

Arnold: I’m Gary Arnold.

Bakhshandehpour: [pause]

Arnold: This week on Between the Bytes – happy fourth of July by the way – we’ll be talking about some SpaceX updates, some updates from Tesla, as well as news from Samsung and some fun facts about this 4th of July, Independence Day.

Arnold: This week Tesla announced that they’ll be releasing their model 3. They’ll actually be delivering 30 models to those who pre-ordered it. The model 3 is the more affordable car option of the electric car that Tesla offers. It starts at $35,000. So, not bad for a totally electric vehicle.

Bakhshandehpour: Steal the deal!

Arnold: That’s right. They received over 400,000 pre-orders. So people are loving this car. And they’ll be releasing more as the year goes on.

Bakhshandehpour: And yesterday, on July 2, SpaceX was going to launch their Falcon 9. This would have been their third launch in the last two weeks. There was actually a delay because there was a computer overload. They delayed it and they actually launched it today. All these unmanned flights and I believe this is actually their tenth mission of the year. SpaceX is doing some really exciting stuff out there.

Arnold: Impressive.

Bakhshandehpour: Very impressive.

Arnold: Samsung announced that they will be repurposing the galaxy note 7. That’s right! The phone known for exploding in people’s hands. It became such a safety hazard that the FAA banned it from all flights. Uh, you can now buy it again, if you live in South Korea. So they are releasing a select number of these refurbished Galaxy Note 7’s. Yours today for $611.

Bakhshandehpour: Jump in line!

Arnold: That’s right.

Bakhshandehpour: Yeah, not happening.

Bakhshandehpour: And at last we want to give you guys some fun 4th of July trivia. Did you know, every single year there’s 150 million hotdogs eaten in the US on the fourth of July? That’s just on the fourth of July.

Arnold: Lot of dogs.

Bakhshandehpour: It’s been 241 years since the signing of the Declaration of Independence. So go America! And then lastly, it’s been 268 million pounds of fireworks blast through the years on the 4th of July.

Arnold: That’s a lot of fireworks.

Bakhshandehpour: That is a lot of explosions!

Arnold: Stay safe out there.

Bakhshandehpour: Stay safe!

Bakhshandehpour: So this week’s product insider is a really cool app that was initially discovered on Shark Tank, with Mark Cuban as its investor. It’s called SworkIt. For a lot of people out there that want to be able to work out and want to take care of their body, but don’t necessarily have enough time, this is the perfect app. It will track your workouts for you, first of all, with different durations, different sessions and then your calories burned. But the coolest part about it, is you can customize the workout. So say you come here. You want to get your summer body ready. You select your workout. You can choose how much time you have to be able to give to it. And it will maximize the workout for you in that 15 minutes. You can begin. And the cool thing with SworkIt is that you can synch it with your Spotify account. So you can have music playing, do different workouts and different intervals. And it will change for you as well. It’s mostly made for the working adults. The parents out there that don’t have the time to go to a gym, the hour and a half to two hours every day. Where you can get a quick, efficient, 15 to 20-minute workout in whenever you need to. And that will wrap it up with this week’s product insider.

Arnold: Welcome to our Featured Guest section on Between the Bytes. Today I have our special guest, Chris Gibbons, who’s one of our Senior Account Executives at Executech. Chris, how you doing today?

Gibbons: I am well. Thank you.

Arnold: Great – Chris, tell us a little bit about what you do at Executech.

Gibbons: So I am a Senior Account Executive. Basically I work in our sales division for the company. And I have been here about three and a half years. I go out and meet with the prospective clients for really high level assessments to understand how they’re using technology and what challenges they may be having. And then I help put together solutions that make sense for their business, based on how they’re using technology and to the degree they would like to implement. Then we will bring in our technical team to help implement those solutions and get them to a better place.

Arnold: Great! So it sounds like you’re very much on the frontlines of IT needs or IT problems. What are some trends that you’re seeing right now in the business world as far as what people are needing for their IT?

Gibbons: You know with the cloud I think what we’re seeing now is a lot of solutions that were at one time meant more for enterprise type businesses. Now they offer to small and midsize businesses to where they’re very affordable, very practical. And so a lot of businesses now are moving to cloud solutions, which is really highly advisable. They’re very reliable. They’re very affordable. And really helps reduce the maintenance required to manage and maintain a computer network. So I think we see the trends moving that direction and continuing to move that way. Microsoft is a big proponent of that right now with their Azure product, with cloud servers and solutions in that respect. So would you see it continuing to move that direction and it makes sense for businesses. If they haven’t already started to take a serious look at that. Now is a good time. Because here over the next couple of years I think most of its going to move that way.

Arnold: That’s awesome and we’ve definitely heard that advice before here, moving to the cloud office 365. Thank you Chris. And last thing before we have you go here. We’re just curious. What are some interesting bits of media, or books, or podcasts that you’re listening to right now or watching?

Gibbons: You know, recently I just finished reading the book “Grit”. And I was very much impressed with the message in there. That more than talent, sheer hard work ethic, effort, persistence, being passionate about what you do – but that those things matter twice as much as any God-given talent. That book “Grit”, highly recommend it. That’s been my most recent read. And working on the next one even now. So next opportunity to interview I’ll share another book with you.

Arnold: Book review – perfect! Thank you. Hey Chris, we appreciate you coming out today.

Gibbons: Thanks, appreciate the opportunity.

Bakhshandehpour: Welcome back to the studio. We had a studio. We’ll eventually get a studio.

Arnold: One day. Subscribe!

Bakhshandehpour: Yeah, subscribe. You’ll see. We’re working our way up. We wanted to let you guys off with a little tech tip here. And that’s to download a CC cleaner. It can help you remove unwanted files, unwanted data and unnecessary unused storage on your guys’ computers. You can actually download it on And it’s great when it comes to repairing registry entries. And once again, that’s

Arnold: Woah!

Bakhshandehpour: Hey! Hey!

Arnold: To close this out we’re gonna crack a fortune cookie. Short and sweet: “Strive for the best”.

Bakhshandehpour: Wow, they have a way with words!

Arnold: Catch us next week on Between the Bytes.

Bakhshandehpour: We’ll see ya. Happy 4th of July!

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