Between the Bytes: Episode 27

Welcome to Between the Bytes where we are not as smart as your average nerd. My name is Arash Bakhshandehpour I’m Gary Arnold.

Our first headline comes from the Detroit Auto Show a couple weeks back where GM announced that it would create a fully autonomous vehicle by 2019. It’s a pretty ambitious goal. The vehicle will not have any steering wheel or any pedals whatsoever so it’ll be fully autonomous and will be able to take you wherever you need to go.

This past week was Silicon Slopes annual Tech Summit. Last year they had about 5,000 attendees this year they almost broke 15,000 attendees so almost 300% growth. Congratulations to Silicon Slopes. There were representatives from Adobe, Beats by Dre, Facebook, Slack, and every big tech powerhouse you could think of as well as political officials. It is becoming a bigger and well-known event.

Last year, Amazon announced a project called Amazon Go. It was their first retail store but it had its tech twist where there would not be any lines or cashiers. It’s officially live to the public on Monday. You open your app, scan and check in, and then you can just go grab whatever groceries you want and then just walk right out. No cashiers, no lines, and it will just charge directly to your Amazon account.

Next, Facebook has invented a new unit of time called flicks. It’s gonna be used to measure the frame of a video playing on their screen, and then to break it down it is 1/705,600,000 of a second. As if running the world social network and largest advertising platform wasn’t enough, they need to invent a unit of time.

On this week’s Tech History on this date in 2000, was launched. That’s right, one of our very favorite social media platforms that has boomed, especially over the last couple of years, was birthed eighteen years ago today. Also on January 22nd in 1984, Apple’s famous 1984 commercial was aired for the first time and went on to win many awards and was very impactful at the time. It seems a little outdated now, but back in the day, it was good.

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