Between the Bytes: Episode 26

Welcome to this week’s Between the Bytes where we’re not as smart as your average nerd. My name is Arash Bakhshandehpour and I’m Gary Arnold.


This week’s first headline is a burger chain in California called Kylie Burger. They have implemented artificial intelligence technology and facial recognition to help you order your burger. As you approach a kiosk to a usual loyalty reward program, the kiosk will recognize your face automatically and pull up your account. You won’t have to put in any sort of password or anything. You can order your burgers right away, it’s the future. Thank goodness because ordering burgers was already so difficult.

Next, in tech news, CES starts this week in Las Vegas. That’s right, the very well-known Consumer Electronics Show where tech companies worldwide come and gather for this convention to broadcast and promote their newest AR and VR technology, which we’re expecting to see a lot of this year. It’s super impressive stuff and there’s there’s bound to be a lot more.

Meltdown and Specter: last week there was a flaw found in Intel microprocessors that are used in virtually every type of computing device for the past 20 years. It sounds very dramatic and it is bad. The vulnerability uses a breach at the very basic levels of data that it can pull information that has been stored there but not necessarily used. It’s very complicated, ask an IT guy and he’ll explain in great detail to you. We’re not as smart as your average nerd. But the point is, is that although it is bad it’s not as bad as maybe you’ve heard on the news. The way that you would have to get into the information is really specific and really hard to do and in the end, if you keep your operating system and other systems updated, patches have been released that should fix the problem. So as always, with any security breach, the lesson is to keep your systems updated and patched.

On the forefront of Tech News, not SpaceX, not anything Elon, not even Amazon related, but pizza. Pizza Hut is planning on having their own self-driving automated vehicles for delivery by the year 2020. They’re similar to things that we’ve seen in movies, it’s a driverless vehicle and they are partnering with Toyota hoping to have these things active within the next few years. You won’t have to tip a driver, don’t underestimate pizza. Pizza was like the first online ordering thing you could order online, it was the first thing you could buy with Bitcoin, first live streaming of food, and there’s pineapples on it.


This week in Tech History on January 9th, nine years ago, (2009) Bitcoin was released by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto. Currently, as a filling, bitcoin is at about fourteen thousand eight hundred dollars, at the time it was less than pennies. Seventeen years ago in 2001, Apple introduced iTunes to Mac products, In 2007, they released the first iPhone which we have come to love and the world has never been the same.

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