Between the Bytes: Episode 18

On this week’s episode of Between the Bytes we give you some more Jeff Bezos news with Amazon, some local news from Silicon Slopes including stuff with Podium, Walmart hiring on robots, and then a robot citizen. Stay tuned.

Tech News

Welcome to Between the Bytes, where we’re not as smart as your average nerd. I’m Gary Arnold and I’m Arash Bakhshandehpour and Happy Halloween! The first highlight I’d like to get into this week for you is Jeff Bezos, officially the richest man in the world worth ninety billion dollars. He woke up Friday morning and made a nice seven billion dollars after Amazon stock prices went up. So lucky Jeff, that must have been a pleasant surprise to wake up to and congratulations. Bill Gates, we are sorry to announce that.

Walmart announced but they are rolling out a testing of a robot to help them in their stores.They’re going to be rolling it out to 50 different stores.It’s a robot that goes along and scans shelves and it will not be replacing any employees, thankfully,  but it will speed up the restocking process. Automation is on its way, more robots are coming to take over everything. Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency over everything.

In an effort to get more registrants for Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft was officially discontinuing Their goal, is once again, to get more users to Office 365. If you want to continue using Microsoft Outlook, you can do so by setting up an Office 365 account.

Silicon Slopes just published an article from our own CEO Eric Montague. In the article, Eric talks about three real stories about cybersecurity attacks that have happened to local companies and organizations. It’s a really interesting read, be sure to check it out on silicon slopes.

We have some more bad news. Let me guess, artificial intelligence.There is a robot that has been granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia. It’s called Sophia and it was built by Hanson Robotics in Hong Kong. It was granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia, as I mentioned and it interacts like a human. It has expressions as a human does and, to much controversy, it was still granted citizenship. Interesting development. She will have conversations with you and say that she needs more intelligence. It’s really comforting to know that. It’s like nobody’s watching Between the Bytes. Anybody?

Our last bit of news is a local piece from a company called Podium. Podium is a great company, we’ve worked with them in the past. We use their software, it is a customer review aggregation and analytics company. You can look at, and ask for reviews from customers. It’s great. They announced that they are opening a new headquarters in Lehi, just across from Vivint and other companies on the other side of I-15. They have grown tremendously. They’ve had over 200 employees in the past three years now. In the next two years, they expect to add another 400 jobs. They are in definite need of some expansion and they broke ground on a new building, so congratulations to them. Go Silicon Slopes, every company out here we want you to boom and keep coming.

Tech History

On this day in history, the first crew was sent to the International Space Station in the year 2000. Pretty incredible. It’s still up there and still flying. It’s grown and sent crews there all the time. Also on this day in history, yesterday, in fact, was when the War of the Worlds radio program went live in 1938. The story came out and went on to make several movies about the story and it’s made history ever since. Alien propaganda is scary propaganda. That’s it for this week’s, Between the Bytes.Thanks for watching, be sure to LIKE and subscribe and check us out next week. Happy Halloween!

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