Between the Bytes: Episode 15

Welcome to Between the Bytes, where we’re not as smart as your average nerd. I’m Nick Staley and I’m Charlie Hatch. This week’s episode we’re gonna be talking about Amazon Echo updates, SpaceX updates, and a big four accounting firm fiasco. Last week Amazon released their new Echo Spot. It has the full “Alexa” function.

Tech News

Last week Amazon introduced their new Amazon Spot. It has an interactive touchscreen, a camera, and a video recording so you can send video messages back and forth with friends. It’s starting at a $129 and it’s being released December 19th.

Last week Elon Musk also had some announcements for his company SpaceX. SpaceX is going to be scrubbing all of their past rockets to focus on a “big freaking rocket”, his words, to get to Mars. His goal is to get there by 2022. It’s super ambitious and not likely but he’s going to be doing a lot more efforts on getting to Mars and reworking the Rockets to be a lot more efficient. The other thing he announced, which is super interesting, is with the leftover Rockets. He’s going to start a planetary transportation system using rockets. In other words, you’ll be able to get into a rocket and be anywhere in the world in 30 minutes. Awesome! New York to Dubai, New York to London, wherever you want to go-30 minutes by getting in a rocket, (San Diego to Sacramento.)

In other news, as the head of accounting and of HR here at Executive, I wanted to talk to you about the Deloitte hack last week. It’s obviously one of the four big accounting firms. Client usernames, passwords, and other personal data may have been stolen. The hack may have occurred as early as fall of 2016. Deloitte claims that few clients were impacted, but reports say that the breach may have been further reaching than anticipated. So if you’re thinking about going to Deloitte you might wanna re-think that. Super embarrassing for them. I don’t know if anyone would want to be employed for Deloitte right now. Some of the biggest clients were affected by this so it’s unclear what the ramifications are going to be. Big hack.

The Pixel 2 is the exact same as the Pixel 1. It also is 650 dollars and it comes in blue, black, and white. They have fancier names but I can’t remember what they are. It has no headphone jack and it has one of the highest rated smartphone cameras.

Tech History

On this day in history, Pac-Man was released in 1980. It was originally created to attract girls to gaming. It’s a fun game to play and it’s long lived in America.

That was different.

A unique episode wouldn’t you say?

It’s been unique

Anything else happening today that was unique or special? I hear there was a little award ceremony. Something like that, yeah. A lot of people were wearing shirts. That’s right, yeah. Executive was nominated and won the Utah 100 fastest-growing companies for the Mountain West Capital. We were also one of the winners of the Spirit Award for the company’s who were present, thanks to these lovely t-shirts. Yes absolutely. We got a little rowdy, we had a light show, we had light suits, and our founder and CEO Eric Montague got on top of the table at a formal dining event chanting Executive. It was an experience, and to everyone that was there we appreciate the shared spirit.

And apologize.

We’re so sorry.

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