Between the Bytes: Episode 53


Welcome to Between the Bytes with Gary Arnold and Logan Christiansen. This episode of Between the Bytes blasts into the new Army Microwave Cannon, the hopefully non-explosive Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the delicious Android Pie, and the one of a kind June Smart Oven. Enjoy!

Tech History

Beam Me Down Scotty!

In 1971 the Apollo 15 spacecraft came home to Earth on this date, August 2nd. It was a successful mission to the moon and was our first time using the lunar rover. Now wasn’t that out of this world huh?

Tech News

The June Smart Oven is No Half-Baked Idea

The June smart oven is on sale now and is $100 off and it’s actually kind of cool. It’s packed with a lot of features like a built-in scale, you can dehydrate food, air fry, normal microwave cooking, and has a built-in camera that will let you watch your food as it cooks. So, check it out!

Android Pie’s Sweet Arrival

The new Android Pie is now available on Google Pixel phones. Android Pie is the latest operating system (OS) from Google. It includes UI tweaks, a well-being dashboard, as well as some gesture control features. Not every feature is available yet. More is coming in the fall, but you can download it now on your Google Pixel.

C-4, Drones, Microwave Cannon, and the Army?

The Army is now using microwave cannons that use beams of radiation to disable drones. Its end goal is to be able to take out missiles and is still in the early stages of its potential. As of right now they’re strapping C-4 to drones and exploding them. So, they’ll strap up the drone, fly it into enemy territory, shoot the microwave cannon at it, and detonate it.

Samsung’s Explosive New Phone

Speaking of dangerous explosives, the new Samsung Galaxy Note will now have 512 gigabytes of storage available on the “phablet.” As if that wasn’t enough storage for you, you can also get an additional 512 gigabytes added in an additional SD card. Thus, bringing your phone storage to a whopping one terabyte. Because that’s what you need in your pocket. Hopefully, this Samsung Galaxy Note will be a bit more stable than the last model…

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