Between the Bytes: Episode 52



Welcome to another episode of Between the Bytes with Gary Arnold and Sandra Smith. This week we’ll discuss Dropbox’s generosity, WhatsApp making changes, a new kind of robot, Microsoft moving to the trees, another Facebook tailspin.

Tech Stat

We have a wonderful new stat for you this week. The largest e-commerce purchase ever made was made in 1999 by Mr. Mark Cuban. Mark purchased a private jet for 40 million dollars. This set the record for largest e-commerce purchase and the record has yet to be broken.

Tech News

Dropbox Dropping it Like it’s hot

Dropbox just announced that they will be adding an extra bit of storage for its professional tier users. A whole terabyte is being added to professional users accounts.  So, users will go from one terabyte to two terabytes. Nice little bonus from Dropbox, thanks guys.

What’s up with WhatsApp?

This week WhatsApp rolled out a new feature. Group chat!  You can now video chat with up to four people anywhere in the world. This feature will allow people to connect with more people on the same call and increase its usability. This will help them compete in the video chat sphere with Google Hangouts and Skype Group Calling.

Half Mythical Beast Half Robot

The Italian Institute of Technology(IIT) released a new video of a robot. It’s a search and rescue prototype robot but it’s a little different than most robots. That’s because it doesn’t look like a human-like most robots do. This robot looks like a centaur! So, they’ve decided to call it Centauro. Centauro will be used to help rescue people in unsafe environments. It has four legs and two arms and is supposed to be more stable than most other robots and agiler.

Microsoft Takes to the Trees

Microsoft has decided to one-up employee perks and built tree houses for their employees. These treehouses have Wi-Fi, power outlets, and comfortable seating. I’m sure it’s a great perk for those special Microsoft employees.

Facebook in a Tailspin

Facebook hits another record but not a good one. They lost 120 billion dollars in market cap in one day, the greatest stock market loss ever. It was only 18% of the company, so don’t worry Facebook’s not going anywhere, but they can’t be too happy about that loss right?

Contest Winner is…

Well, Between the Bytes viewers I know that you’re on the edge of your seat because we had a contest and we’ve had many comments and likes and we picked a winner, and your winner is Ryan Watts! Congratulations Ryan. Great job buddy!


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