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When it comes to undergoing a digital transformation, your business has many options for cloud vendors. One of the best choices available on the market today is the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. The Azure Cloud benefits, in other words, are many.

Even so, for many ISVs, the question remains: why Azure?

Azure is one of the most popular Microsoft products, and it constantly ranks among the top cloud computing providers. It is also one of the most cost effective cloud services on the market, and it delivers numerous benefits in real time.

One of the key benefits of Microsoft Azure is its ability to deliver reliable hybrid, multi-factor and public cloud services based on a robust software-as-a-service model. This capability provides added versatility for ISVs and other businesses.

With direct access to over 600 different services and over 1,000 capabilities, the Microsoft Azure benefits positively impact many distinct areas of a business. Those who rely on Azure often speak highly of the various business benefits Azure offers.

In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the major Azure cloud benefits and explore some of the advantages of an Azure cloud environment within your organization.

The Power of Analytics

Here at Executech, we primarily focus on providing our clients with Azure advantages for their digital transformations.

Why use Azure? One of the main reasons why we always recommend using an Azure cloud environment is because of the sheer power it brings to organizations.

While Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a market leader for cloud computing, Azure certainly holds its own.

According to field testing results from Gigamon, one of the Microsoft Azure benefits is that it offers more power per dollar for analytics, with results delivered up to 14 times faster than the competition.

Not only does this expedite the results delivery process, it also provides proof that Azure is very cost effective. Results like this show why Azure made a significant investment into developing the features, functionality and overall power of Azure’s cloud toolset.



Mitigating Security Risks

If there’s one thing that ISVs are concerned about regarding cloud migration efforts, it’s security.

Migrations require moving large amounts of sensitive data from physical data centers to a cloud based storage operation. In addition, users need to be assured that their data will be safe in the cloud.

While secure, a cloud environment is no less susceptible to security breaches than other data storage methods. The main reason why ISVs suffer breaches in the first place is often because they are often unaware of or even neglectful towards their data security.

As an industry-leading cloud vendor, Microsoft Azure invested over $1 billion into security to ensure that Azure cloud computing is as secure as possible.

Managed by a team of over 3,500 security professionals, one of the advantages of Azure is that it offers complete protection and disaster recovery that gives your organization peace of mind.

Microsoft’s security experts constantly analyze data on attempted breaches, giving Azure advantages over other cloud providers.

They also maintain a database of potential threats and rely on advanced, real-time threat detection techniques. This information enables them to take the appropriate course of action in the event of a breach and subsequently implement the necessary disaster recovery solutions.

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Azure Cloud Benefits

Ensuring Compliance

For certain industries, implementing new technology comes with an additional caveat – compliance.

The new technology, be it hardware, software, or in this case, a Microsoft Azure cloud environment, must comply with certain strict compliance requirements. These standards differ based on the businesses and the industries they operate within.

One of the key Microsoft Azure advantages is that its compliance runs deep. Another of the Azure benefits is its synergy with Office 365. This synergy makes it easier to achieve compliance with its convenient e-discovery function that allows you to dig up the necessary data required for compliance efforts.

Some companies receive an unwanted surprise when they implement Microsoft Azure and suddenly realize that there are certain templates they must follow to ensure a fully compliant deployment.

Data protection and compliance go hand-in-hand, which gives Microsoft Azure advantages over its competitors. This is especially important for organizations who must adhere to standards such as HIPAA and PCI DSS.

One of the benefits of Azure is that it provides built-in cloud based security that not only safeguards your data but also prescribes how to get the most out of the protection to ensure regulatory compliance.

Path to Market

When it comes to discussions about path to market strategies for app-producing ISVs, Apple’s App Store and Google Play are the gold standard.

When ISVs release their offerings to the masses, they often turn to these major players to market their apps and start racking up the downloads and generating revenue by extension.

One of the advantages of Azure is the Azure Marketplace, Microsoft’s answer to the App Store and Google Play.

As one of the benefits of Azure, ISV users can not only download apps from the Marketplace, but they can also add their own apps to further improve or extend their marketing efforts.

When ISVs partner with us for Azure cloud services, we help them harness the benefits of the Azure Marketplace. Some ISVs are unaware of the existence of the Marketplace and the potential business benefits it offers for marketing their offerings.

Using the Marketplace is one of the most significant Azure benefits. Those who refer businesses to it receive a small finder’s fee.

Additionally, the businesses that use the Marketplace gain access to another path to marketing their cloud based products and services and generating additional revenue.


Reap the Benefits of Microsoft Azure for Your Business

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Cost-Effective Cloud Provisioning

One of the most significant Microsoft Azure advantages is its provisioning capabilities. The provisioning process for a cloud platform involves examining the supply and allocation of necessary resources for a client.

These resources include elements such as virtual machines (VMs), data storage capacity, and access to cloud software, among other things.

A properly provisioned cloud environment ensures that you receive only the necessary services without exceeding established capacities for request units. If you provision your cloud operations, you will avoid cost overruns while potentially preventing throttling.

In one example where we demonstrated the benefits of Microsoft Azure, we had a client who was using Cosmos DB and their setup allowed them to provision in a reserve capacity.

What they didn’t understand was that they could do manual or automated provisioning of their throughput, or even eliminate their data centers outright and go serverless.

Essentially, this client was purchasing a certain amount of request units and using all of them. Additional requests would have placed them over capacity, thus driving their costs up.

We helped this client save about 60% in provisioning costs by giving them a detailed analysis into alternative provisioning and the benefits of Azure for that process.

We then procured the necessary cloud infrastructure equipment to help them enjoy Microsoft Azure benefits and implemented it without making significant changes to their architecture.

Reap the Benefits of Azure Today

To say that there are numerous Azure advantages for ISVs would be no understatement.Those still wondering “Why use Azure?” will find there are numerous Azure cloud benefits that place it above the competition.

From accelerating the delivery of analytics and ensuring compliance to improving data security and enhancing provisioning efforts, Azure offers one of the more cost effective cloud platform options.

If you are considering a digital transformation for your enterprise, let Executech serve as your partner. Our dedicated consultants will help you get the most out of your Microsoft Azure investment with expert insight and continuous support.

Contact us for more information and start enjoying Microsoft Azure benefits today.

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