Acronis Awards Executech The Most Innovative Partner

We’re honored to announce that Acronis has named Executech one of their Most Innovative Partners of 2019. Each year, Acronis honors a partner who has demonstrated exceptional innovation for Acronis Cyber Protection Solutions. Executech was named among the most innovative partners by Acronis for 2019 by using more product features than other managed service providers (MSPs) in the industry. 

Acronis is a global technology company that develops on-premises and cloud software for backup, disaster recovery, and secure file sync and share and data access. We work with Acronis to provide our clients with the best solutions for security and backup. 

We have chosen to use Acronis products for our clients because of the reliability, features, and original technology they offer. Cybersecurity is no longer a recommendation, it’s a requirement. We know we can count on Acronis products to protect our clients’ data and provide enhanced backup services unmatched by other providers.

We are always striving to understand and implement even the most complex features of the technology we use, so we couldn’t be happier with this award. The additional features we use allow us to help our clients get the most out of the products they are using- saving them money and adding more protection.

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