The 7 Best Chrome Extensions You Need To Try Today

If you aren’t using Chrome as your browser of choice, then shame on you. Also, we’ve found some more reasons that you should make the switch.

If you do use Chrome, then congratulations, we have some tips on how to make your browsing experience even better.

We’ve put together the best Chrome extensions you can download for right now. These extensions are easy ways to save time, improve your efficiency, save you money, and have more fun. AND they’re all free! Check it out:


If you want to increase your efficiency at work and hold yourself accountable for your computer time, then this is the extension for you. RescueTime will download to your browser and you can also download a desktop version that runs in the background. It will track your activities and categorize them based on pre-set productivity scores (which you can change and customize). RescuteTime will break down your day, week and month to show you how productive you’ve been.


Whether its frequent emails, job offers, articles or bids, writing is a big part of most professional jobs. Grammarly will help take the stress out of writing English-correct content. The free version will track the obvious spelling mistakes but it will also help you with many common grammar and syntax errors. This will help your writing becoming more clear and professional.


Ads are everywhere! Curse those marketers! If you are tired of seeing ads all over the web, then this is the extension for you. Adblock will block display and popup ads for safe and uninterrupted browsing. It doesn’t block every kind of ad (as many websites make their money through ad revenue) but it will block the intrusive and dangerous ads that float around the internet.


We mentioned password managers on a recent episode of Between the Bytes. Using a password manager like LastPass will help you keep your passwords organized and secure. LastPass will create random, totally secure passwords for new sites and remember them for you. All of the data is encrypted and completely secure. You can download this app for any device and simplify your security wherever you browse.


As you’re browsing the inter-webs you may come across a really interesting article, video or image that you don’t have time to look at right then. Pocket allows you to save anything from the web for later viewing. It’s great for keeping a list of good reading material or for gathering research into a project.


So this extension is part useful, part gag. Nope becomes a little green button in your browser that you can click anytime an unwanted co-worker comes to your office looking for a conversation. When you click the Nope button, a number from New York will dial your phone and offer further instructions. This app can become your perfectly-timed excuse to end a conversation.


You may have seen ads for this extension in your social feed. This is a great extension for the frequent shopper or anyone who has bought something online. Honey will scour the web and automatically apply any coupons for the site you are shopping on – instantly saving you money! You’ve got to see it to believe it.

A Word of Caution

There are thousands of browser extensions available, but not all of them should be trusted. Do your research and think twice about installing an unfamiliar or untested browser extension. Some extensions have been known to subscribe you to spam emails, steal your information or infect your computer with malware. If you use caution, you’ll be able to customize your browsing experience to your needs and wants.

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