What is Office 365 and How Can it Help You?

What is Office 365 and How Can it Help You?

Microsoft Office has been a household name for decades. We all know Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, and how they’ve shaped the way we work. With Microsoft Office 365, the power of these applications is fully unlocked. With 365, you can work more efficiently and productively than ever before.

What is office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 is a collection of applications and programs that help a business work effectively. They offer various package offerings that can be personalized to fit your company’s specific needs. 365 has the staple applications like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel that we all know, but also Outlook (Email), OneNote (collaborative note taking/sharing), and many more applications. The collection of apps come with cloud storage, mobile applications, data security, collaboration tools, and more. Office 365 provides you with intuitive apps and tools that help you and your business work effectively.

Why do I need Office 365?


All of Office 365 is connected via OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud file storage. Thus making your documents accessible from anywhere at any time. Each OneDrive account within your subscription will have 1TB of storage.  OneDrive makes collaboration faster with the ability to share and work on documents in real time with others. You can customize the viewing rights of each file to allow for team collaboration.


Microsoft 365 is fully mobile. With 365 all of your apps have fully capable mobile versions for all of your devices. You can access your OneDrive files and continue working on your phone, tablet, or laptop from anywhere and not skip a beat. Office 365 brings your efficiency to a new high with the ability to be productive on any device, at any time, from anywhere.


Microsoft Office 365’s applications are fully compatible with Skype. Thus allowing you to have live audio or video calls with clients or coworkers while you work on the same documents. You can also easily change apps and projects while on the same call to allow for in-depth collaboration.


Office 365 comes with state of the art data protection services with each plan. In this digital age, data protection is a top priority for any business. Microsoft 365 is an industry leader in cybersecurity and data security across all platforms. Not only can you work on any device from any location, but you can do so knowing that your information is safe.


How can I get Office 365?

Switching email providers and program offerings can be a difficult process. Also, the process can come with massive amounts of data loss. This kind of loss is extremely costly and time-consuming. However, all of that risk is avoided when trained professionals handle the migration and even managed IT support. Therefore, it’s important to have qualified IT professionals install and transition your data and email to Microsoft 365 and Outlook 365.

Executech has over 100 highly skilled and qualified technicians who can make your switch to Microsoft Office 365 easy, pain-free, fast, and complete. Don’t let your business suffer any longer, upgrade to Office 365.


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