James Fair

Sr. VP of Technical Operations

James grew up all over the country, but Texas, California and Utah are the states closest to his heart. As a child, James was naturally curious and often took apart and reassembled watches and other gadgets. He got hooked on computers when he was given an early computer and learned the basic programming language. When his family got an upgraded computer, he immersed himself in mastering DOS and learning the Intel 8088 series hardware. During high school, he took programming classes, which got him his first job as a system administrator.

While looking for a new job opportunity, James found Executech. It seemed like it would be the perfect place for him to work. He was drawn to the “Best Places to Work in Utah” awards and other recognition the company had received. While being interviewed for a job, James was impressed with the culture that Eric had created and the employees that supported him. Today James provides guidance and training to Executech’s growing technical team. He is a valuable resource of knowledge and wisdom to the team leaders of our technical teams. James loves volunteering, traveling, hiking, and photography.