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Executech has been providing personal IT support and services to local communities for over 20 years. Executech was established on the principle of putting people first. This means that we bring a friendly, personal, and professional touch to all of our IT services.

In addition to being a preferred partner and IT solutions provider for Caselle, Executech has a long history of helping cities and towns with their individual IT needs. From cloud backup to disaster recovery and cyber protection, Executech has worked in a variety of scenarios to help cities become more secure and efficient with their technology.
With Executech you’ll get the support of a friendly team, dedicated to your success. Each client will have a group of friendly IT consultants that are at your disposal. In addition to your dedicated team, you’ll have access to the knowledge resources of over 100 certified IT professionals.

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Our Services

Executech works in all fields of IT and specializes in numerous areas. Here are just a few services you can expect from us:

AntiVirus and Firewalls

The backbone of any good cybersecurity strategy, antivirus and firewall are at the forefront of protecting your networks from dangerous threats like malware. Our methods will constantly monitor network systems and provide updated security strategies to keep you protected from multiple threats and third-party intrusions. The Executech Way results in avoiding costly downtime and keeps your critical data protected.

Azure and Cloud Computing

Executech is happy to offer cloud infrastructure through Microsoft Azure, the platform allowing you to access the various capabilities as part of the Azure suite. Not only does this grant your business increased scalability, but it gives you access to resources that are too difficult to maintain and operate through traditional, physical servers.

Software and Hardware

Hardware and software are other critical components to your organization, and Executch can assist in both installation and recommendation of useful types. For example, creating roadmaps that recommend hardware your enterprise would benefit from, saving your bottom line, and boosting performance.

Office 365

Another suite offered through Executch, you can rally business performance by using Office 365, an all-inclusive communication and software bundle. 365 comes with the different Microsoft programs you’re familiar with, such as Excel, Word, and Powerpoint, without the hefty cost for purchasing each software individually.

Also, you’ll work with team-oriented apps for project management like OneDrive, OneNote, and many others. Each also has an app equivalent which can be installed on any compatible mobile device for remote working.


No one likes a tangled set of wires, and that’s why Executech’s technicians can assist by physically installing and building your network layouts. This reduces external clutter and makes server environments more accessible and spacious, important factors when conducting maintenance, repairs, or new installations.

VoIP Phone

Need to overhaul your communications? Executech can cover you here with our VoIP (voice over internet protocol) service model. Through VoIP, you don’t rely on traditional telecom solutions for making calls, and you get the addition of increased features.

VoIP phones are accessible and easy to scale as well, allowing you to add or remove needed devices with ease. Yet another way Executch works to save you money!

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Executech is committed to providing you the best IT service with your business in mind. If you’re looking for a reliable MSP that believes in a personal approach to service, we’re here to help.

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