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Introducing Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

Reliable, Hassle-Free Communication Systems For Your Business

Voice, video, chat, and contact center—the power of one.
We work together in different ways. We connect and collaborate using voice calls, instant messages, video meetings and more. But when each requires a different tool, we’re less productive and business suffers.

There is a better way. Executech has partnered with 8×8, one of the leading providers in unified communication technology. We’re bringing better user experiences, reduced downtimes, and seamless integrations with existing communication platforms like Teams – all securely hosted in the cloud to clients across the West.

The 8×8 Open Communications Platform with X Series service plans empowers individuals, teams, and organizations to work better from anywhere, engage better with customers, and seize business opportunities without compromise.

Get the best of voice, video, chat, contact center, analytics, and APIs for everyday business apps, so that everyone can work together more naturally and effectively from anywhere.

AI-driven cloud platform. Empower your teams to connect, collaborate and create unique customer experiences with 8×8 X Series. Each plan is designed to meet the requirements of specific users. Mix and match the plans to create a communications solution tailored for your company.

  • X Series service plans:
  • Lobby – Common areas and break rooms
  • X1 – Shared extensions and entry-level users with unlimited domestic calling
  • X2 – Standard users with international calling
  • X3 – Power users with global calling
  • X4 – Managers and supervisors with extended global calling
  • X5 – Voice-centric Contact Center users, including Predictive Dialer
  • X6 – Voice-centric Contact Center users with Advanced Reporting
  • X7 – Multi-channel Contact Center users with Advanced Reporting
  • X8 – Multi-channel Contact Center users with Advanced Analytics and Predictive Dialer

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8x8 Platform Overview

Overview of the 8x8 products & features

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