How We Put a Personal Touch on IT

Here at Executech, we position everything we do around a “people-first approach.” Our goal is to bring a personal touch to IT— moving beyond the complex and mechanical qualities typically associated with technology. We’re relationship-based, striving to create genuine connections with our partners. One of the key pillars of this personal style is communication. We believe in having proactive and productive conversations with our partners, not confrontations. So, how do we put this belief into action across our organization?

Executech’s People-First Approach

At the heart of every organization is people. And we work to help people by improving technology. By adopting this line of thinking, we don’t treat your business like a project to be fixed, but as a partner to grow and succeed with. The following core beliefs are ways we maintain our commitment to honest and transparent communication and conversations.

We Have Partners, Not Clients

At Executech, we don’t think of the businesses we work with as clients. We think of them as partners. Our philosophy is not one of simply exchanging services for payment. 

Instead, we believe in being an ally that truly cares about the people, growth, and success of organizations. This means we are there for our partners, no matter what. We go the extra mile. We take the extra time. And we aren’t afraid to have tough conversations. 

Being a true partner means working through hard times and making adjustments to come out stronger. We use data and analytics to monitor your technology environment and come to you first when changes need to be made. In these moments, we focus on having honest conversations, not harsh confrontations. Together, we’ll discuss any recommendations and strategies and develop the best possible plan for your business.

We Are Proactive Consultants

Another fundamental aspect of our focus on communication is being proactive. When it comes down to it, conversations are proactive; confrontations are reactive. 

Contrary to what many professionals think IT technicians do, we aren’t there just to fix something when it breaks. We consult with our partners to create agile and adaptable technology environments that reduce the risk of unforeseen problems in the first place. We want to develop systems that support the people at your organization, making technology their biggest strength, not their most constant frustration. Overall, we are continually looking to the future, working with you to keep your systems on the front line of innovation.

We Build Integrated Relationships

Another aspect of our communication-based method comes down to trust. When our partners trust us, we can have honest conversations that produce appropriate solutions. Without that confidence in our partnership, it’s much more likely to feel confrontational.

So, to build trust, we focus on building personal relationships. All of our partners have designated technicians that become integrated with their people and systems. Your employees are no longer emailing “that IT guy.” Instead, they will know the face and name of their technicians and will have built relationships with them. 

We don’t want you to think of us as a third-party. We want to create genuine connections that give you the confidence to trust us and work with us as collaborative partners.

In Conclusion

We are a technology company that cares about people over systems. At Executech, you won’t feel as though your network has been taken over by some third-party provider. We’ll work with you every step of the way to create a technology environment that becomes the backbone of your business. We value communication and conversations. 

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