Emergency Preparedness: Preparing Your IT For Disaster

Executech partnered with Acronis and the League of Oregon Cities in this webinar to discuss emergency preparedness concerning your organization’s IT infrastructure. We cover a wide range of talking points to help you understand what it takes to prepare for natural disasters, cyberattacks, human error, etc.

Here’s the breakdown of the agenda:

Types Of Disasters

  • Future Pandemic
  • Natural Disaster
  • Cyber Attack
  • Failure/Human Error


  • About Prevention
  • Must-Have Tools
  • How to Reduce Human error


  • Types of Cyber Threats
  • Preparing Your Technology
  • Backups
  • Incident Response Plan
  • Preparing Your Staff

Key Questions

  • What are the first steps you should take in response to a disaster?
  • Backups vs. Disaster Recovery
  • What’s changed about disaster recovery in the last 12-18 months?
  • What are the most common roadblocks when building a good Disaster Recovery plan?


We hope you enjoy the webinar! With the massive spike in cyber threats over the past 18 months, it’s important to adopt a “When, not if.” mindset to your organization’s IT emergency preparedness. As always, if you have any questions or need help with your organization’s emergency response plan, give us a call!

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