Between the Bytes: Episode 21

This week on Between the Bytes we’re talking about updates from Tesla and Elon Musk Facebook AI and more. Stay tuned.

Welcome to Between the Bytes where we are not as smart as your average nerds. I’m Gary Arnold and today we have a special guest. I’m Chelsea and I’m the other token minority in the office. We are the most diverse group, we believe in diversity.


Our first bit of news is from Elon Musk, a couple weeks ago he announced that they would be releasing an electric semi truck, that’s right, Tesla is bringing semi trucks to the forefront of the electric world. The new truck will be able to travel 500 miles with a full load which is further than most trucks can do now with gasoline. The design of the truck is really cool, it’s very modern and very forward-thinking. The seat is centered in the middle of the vehicle rather to the left side. He also announced that they would be bringing back the Tesla Roadster, (the first vehicle produced by Tesla) and they’ve revamped it and re-modified it and it is now crazy-cool. It can go 0 to 60 in 1.9 seconds, it will be the fastest production car ever made and it also has a range of over 620 miles. It comes with a hefty price tag of over two hundred thousand dollars and it’s not out yet for the public it’s just a demo but it’s coming your way soon.  

Facebook is rolling out a new AI system designed to identify posts that contain suicidal thoughts. The AI works using many social signals to identify people at risk and notify proper authorities and offer appropriate help. That’s a that’s a very good use of AI, we often cover the bad things that artificial intelligence might do but it’s definitely a good use of artificial intelligence.

In other artificial intelligence related news Boston Dynamics, who we’ve covered here multiple times, last week we talked about their cute new little robot that they released a video of another video of their popular robot Atlas which is a sort of humanoid looking robot. It can now do backflips and kind of parkour jumping and jump over boxes. It’s really cool also kind of terrifying. Elon Musk, of course, weighed in and said this was only the beginning and that likely we would see robots that move extremely fast in the coming years so something to watch out for.

Bitcoin breaks 10,000. The popular cryptocurrency has been on an upward spike is finally at 10,000 and experts predict it will continue to rise. With Bitcoin, we’re excited to announce that in the coming weeks we’ll have a series of experts corners, a series of videos that we do with some of our resident tech experts detailing cryptocurrency and bitcoins. So if you’ve ever wondered what the heck cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is and why is it such a big deal you will have some explained videos the next coming weeks from one of our resident Bitcoin experts. Stay tuned and subscribe to check that out.


This week in Tech History on November 26th in 1996 the MP3 was patented. The technology used to compress music was first developed in a university in Germany many years ago and music has never been the same since. Remember that movie with Justin Timberlake and he comes out with the Napster? That was all about pirating mp3’s. On November 28th, 1948 Polaroid released the first instant camera for the Christmas season and self-development film has been a hit ever since. Selfies have taken over the world.

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