Making Cybersecurity A Priority for Your Business

Making Cybersecurity A Priority for Your Business


Cybersecurity threats are on the rise. Protecting businesses from digital threats is more important than ever. Eric Montague, CEO of Executech breaks down the common threats and solutions for cybersecurity. Understand more about things like:

  • What is Ransomware?
  • Is my business at risk from cyber attacks?
  • How can I protect my business from cyber criminals?
  • What technology is available to protect against ransomware and malware?
  • What is social engineering?
  • And more!

Cybersecurity for Business Course Transcript/Overview:

Making Cybersecurity a Priority

Overview of cyber threats and how to protect your business

  • Intro to Cybersecurity
  • Infrastructure Integrity
    • External Penetration Test
    • Internal Breach Detection
    • Next Generation Firewalls
      • Intrusion Prevention
      • Dynamic Blacklisting
      • Content Filtering
  • Software
    • Cloudflare
    • Intercept X
    • Anti-Virus Software
  • Email Security
    • Spam Filter
    • Geo Filtering
    • Block Email from Yourself
  • Account Configuration
    • Suggested Security Schedule
    • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Backups
  • Your Team
    • CSIO (Chief Security Information Officer)
    • Social Engineering
    • You

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