Cybersecurity in 2022 – How the Pros are Preparing

Cybersecurity in 2022 – How the Pros are Preparing

How the Pros are Preparing for Cybersecurity in 2022

The Sacramento Kings were awarded the NBA Team Innovation Award for their excellent technological infrastructure inside their stadium, Golden 1 Center. Executech and Acronis partnered with the Kings to protect that infrastructure. In this webinar, we covered how The Kings protect their tech and how to apply those principles and tools to your organization’s plans for cybersecurity in 2022.

Webinar Agenda

Rapid-Fire Questions

King’s Stories

  • What is your (the Sacramento Kings) overall philosophy or approach to cybersecurity?
  • What are some of the essential tools (high-level) or techniques you use for data protection? Why?
  • How are you protecting against those threats?
  • How does your strategy and approach compare to other NBA teams?
  • Individual vs Corporate protection, which is more important?

Cybersecurity in 2022

  • What were the most significant changes in cybersecurity to come out of 2021? How are things different now?
  • 2020 and 2021 taught us a lot about being flexible and adaptable in response to external changes. How can an organization adopt a position of flexibility with its technology?
  • What is the number one threat to cybersecurity in 2022 that SMBs should anticipate?
  • Tell us a quick story from the past year where a breach was or could have been prevented.

How To Protect & Prevent

  • What are some of the tried and true Cybersecurity-101 ways of protecting your business?
  • What are some ways of reducing human error in a network?
  • What are some must-have tools to prevent cyber threats?
  • What is an Incident Response plan? Why is it important? What should it include?
  • How do businesses protection tactics differ or change when trying to protect your personal data?
  • What are some advanced techniques for cyber protection?
  • One takeaway from this webinar?

    Audience Q&A


    Ultimately, the keys to excellent cybersecurity in 2022 are layers, ongoing employee training/testing, and an incident response plan. No solution (or combination of solutions) is perfect, but a substantial amount of risk can be mitigated with these three critical steps to protecting your organization.

    If you have any questions, concerns, or need help implementing these things, reach out for a Free Network Security Assessment!

    To learn more about protecting you and your business from cybersecurity threats, check out our Ultimate Guide To Cybersecurity!

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