Managed IT Services

2 years ago

The Benefits of Outsourced IT Administration

The growth and expectations of Information Technology aren’t going to slow down. In fact, they’re increasing at an exponential rate every year. With advancements in mobile-device usage, BYOD expectations, and networking complexities, more and more businesses are in need of an expert IT admin or staff. Yet as necessary as such staffing is, it’s also very expensive.


Managed IT - More Than an Alternative

Let’s face it; the need for IT administration isn’t just for bigger companies. Smaller businesses and their operational continuity can be equally dependent on the successful management of their technology resources. Even though this reality defines the ability smaller companies have to compete effectively in their own space, many still struggle to implement the proper level of assistance.

Large-scale corporations may necessitate teams of experts to manage all their networking, support, and technological implementations, but smaller businesses can usually get by with one or two IT generalists. However, even with such a minimalist approach in place, the expense for such staffing is still considerable. So what do companies in such a situation do, when the need is apparent but the cost is heavy? Well, they either sink or they swim, and those that are swimmers often rely on a different but effective approach to their need for IT support.

This different but effective approach is known as managed IT services (or in other words, outsourced IT administration)—sometimes referred to as outsourced IT or IT outsourcing for short. When it comes to managed IT services, it helps to refrain from viewing the solutions as a lesser alternative or a backup plan. That's not to say employing a full-time IT admin isn’t a warranted investment, but there are many companies, medium and small, that can benefit from the managed IT model, even if they could realistically budget for one or two full-timers. There are three primary reasons that managed IT services are a great investment, and they are these:


  • The Experience of a Team vs. an Individual

When a small or medium-sized business employs their own IT expert, they often look for a generalist. A generalist is necessary because of the range of needs any given company may have. For example, a business doesn’t merely need someone who knows Wi-Fi technology, they need someone who knows Wi-Fi, virtualization, data storage, disaster recovery, networking, routers, and VPN management. When a business hires an IT generalist, they may or may not get all of this, and even if they do, it’s not likely that any one generalist is going to be an expert in all of it. If they were, they would come at an even higher price.

Conversely, when a company goes with a managed IT service provider (also referred to as an MSP), they have access to the experience of a team, rather than a single individual. Managed IT providers often employ experts in varying fields and can answer the demands of their clients very efficiently.


  • Lower Costs—Initially and in the Long Run

Another benefit of the managed IT approach is the cost savings that come with it. It’s going to be considerably cheaper to maintain a service contract with an MSP than it will be to pay the salary of an IT admin, even if your admin is willing to take a below-average pay rate. What’s more, an MSP model is going to save you costs in the long run, too. When you employ an admin in-house, they will learn a lot and progress in their skill sets. As they progress, it’s only natural and fair that you offer raises, and you may even have to pay for additional trainings and certifications. All of a sudden, the cost of employing your admin has grown substantially.


  • Consistency

The third and equally important advantage of an MSP model is consistency. If, for example, you can’t afford to offer more training opportunities and advances in pay to your IT generalist, the likely case that he or she will stick around for a while is drastically diminished. Suddenly, you’ll have a very valuable staff member looking for a better opportunity. With an MSP approach, on the other hand, you don’t have to worry about turnover and vacancy in your IT support. The MSP keeps its own experts staffed and paid to serve you.


The Executech Approach

At Executech, we provide enterprise-quality IT to small and medium-sized business and organizations. Our service model benefits thousands of happy users with varying levels of IT needs. Our elite IT organization provides services ranging from helpdesk to Chief Technology Officer (CTO). We tailor our approach and assistance to each clients’ needs and budget.

Equally important is the level of expertise we offer. All of our Executech consultants are experienced, Tier III professionals, ready to collectively meet the IT needs of your company. Our availability is 24/7/365 and we can diagnose and resolve your most difficult issues quickly and efficiently. Call 801.253.4541 or 877.448.2724 today for your free IT Assessment!